An important, but often overlooked, aspect of most tile installations is how to give your project that finished look. Some projects require a very specific trim piece to achieve a particular outcome, whereas others require no trim at all.

First, let's look at some illustrations of the various trim pieces:


Bullnose Corner

Base Molding

Base Molding Corner

Crown Molding

Crown Molding Corner

Chair Rail

Chair Rail Outside Corner

Quarter Round

Quarter Round Corner (Beak)

Beaded Liner

Liner (Pencil)

Cove Base

Cove Base Left (and Right)

Cove Base Corner Left (and Right)

Cove Base Inside Corner

Cove Base Outside Corner

Sink Rail

Sink Rail Inside and Outside Corners

Now, let's look at some of those options installed.

A bullnose is the most widely available trim piece. Usually around 3" wide and the length of the field tile, a bullnose piece has a convex radius on one side and can be used in a variety of applications:

1. Here, the bullnose is used to finish the edge of a tiled shower seat.

2. And here, to trim a tiled shower pan.
3. Bullnose can be used to finish the edge of a wall installation. It is also often used to finish the inside of a shower niche.

4. Here the bullnose is used in place of traditional wood base molding to provide a more cohesive look.

Here is a great example of how to mix and match trim pieces:

5. From Base Molding to Chair Rails and Bullnose to Pencil Liners, this installation utlizes the full spectrum of trim options.

6. The tub deck features a bullnose on the top of the tub deck with a bullnose corner piece to finish the corner. The designer expertly incorporated a chair rail, two pencil liners in a contrasting color and a base molding adjacent to the floor on the tub face. Because both the chair rail and base molding offer dedicated corner pieces, giving this tiled tub a completely finished look was decidedly easier than if they had not!
7. A chair rail is used to cap off the wainscotting and the base molding is continued along the shower enclosure and the connecting wall.

8. And finally, the shower niche. Perfectly trimmed in chair rail and bullnose pieces, this accent area gives the homeowners a convenient and beautiful place to store essentials.
9. This backsplash utilizes a piece of the mosaic as an individual liner bar to end the installation.

10. To evoke a more contemporary feel, this shower was trimmed in a metal trim piece from Schluter.

Get Creative!

11. A combination of trim pieces was used for the focal point in this bathroom.
The mosaic frame was created using crown molding, pencil liners, a mosaic border and a chair rail.

12. Two half rounds surround a mosaic in this bathroom. The accent continues around the room to end the wainscot on the adjacent walls.

13. Many Natural Stone products do not offer a bullnose because the majority of stone tends to be soft enough for a contractor to shape.
The edge of this tub deck was hand-sanded on site.

14. If you've found a tile you love, but can't find a trim piece, get creative! Tile is incredibly versatile!