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  MODERATE SHADE VARIATION: Clearly distinguishable texture and/or pattern within similar colors.
Room Scenes

Size and Deco Options
Some options are available via Special Order only

12" x 24"

2" x 2"

2" x 6"
Additional Color Options




Color: Cigar
Size: 12" x 24"*
Thickness: 9.00 mm*
Type: Porcelain
Finish: Matte
Look: Fabric
Country: USA
Stocked: No
Sizes listed are approximate. Actual sizes with acceptable variances may be listed in the brochure.
Manufacturer: Atlas Concorde
Series: Chester
PEI: NR (?)
COF: Dynamic > .42 Wet (?)
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Over the past ten years, the “Flower” has become a European-wide symbol providing simple and accurate guidance to consumers. All products bearing the “Flower” have been checked by independent bodies for complying with strict ecological and performance criteria.

  • 3" x 24" Matte Bullnose

  • 6" x 12" Matte Cove Base
For detailed information on trim pieces, click here.

Chester Brochure

Chester Technical Information